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See your FileMaker data live on the Apple iPhone

Would you like to be able to connect to your FileMaker database with your iPhone?  How about build a FileMaker driven website that displays on the Apple iPhone and allows visitors to search records, create new records, edit records, display images, sort records and more?  Now you can.

How do I design a FileMaker website for the iPhone?

FMWebschool has released an iPhone extension for Dreamweaver.  This extension enables you to build websites that can interact with FileMaker data.    Watch a movie of the Dreamweaver Extension in action
You can learn more about the extension here.

FMWebschool will also be teaching a live webinar on building FileMaker driven iPhone websites on February 12th.  You can register for the free Webinar Here.

How does my iPhone connect to the FileMaker database?

The iPhone displays FileMaker data via its browser pages.  It does this by using either FX.php or the new FileMaker API for PHP.  The database is hosted on a FileMaker web server and the PHP web pages that you create, connect to the hosted database, and display the data on the iPhone.

The iPhone can only display FileMaker data via websites created especially for the iPhone and using PHP code written especially for FileMaker.


Does my database have to be hosted on a FileMaker web server to display on the iPhone.

Yes.  In order to communicate with FileMaker your database needs to be hosted.  Then FileMaker PHP pages can be created to communicate with the database and display the information via the browser on your iPhone.  Remember the data is Dynamic so the user can interact with it, just like in the FileMaker database. Information entered into the iPhone website will automatically be written to the FileMaker database.

Can FMGateway host my database?  Yes.  We certainly can, and it is very simple to set up.  We can have you up and running in just a few minutes. You will also receive a powerful browser based database manager that enables you to open, close, back-up, and upload your database.

If FMGateway hosts my database can I access it other than on the web?  Yes certainly!  You can access your database via remote access.  Simply open FileMaker on your local computer and select File > Open Remote > then simply enter the domain information we give you.  The database will then open locally on your computer. Complete tutorial for FileMaker Remote Hosting and access here.

How much does it cost to host a FileMaker database for the iPhone?  $24.99 a month.

Why do I have to use a browser to display FileMaker data on the iPhone?  Until recently that was the only way to view data on the iPhone. But now, the creatives behind FMWebschool have created FMTouch. FMTouch is like FileMaker Mobile on steroids.

Why do I have to use FX.php or the API for PHP?  Both FX.php and the API for PHP were developed to communicate with FileMaker.  These two powerful PHP classes enable you to build FileMaker driven websites.

Where can I download FX.php?  You can download FX.php for free from here

Where can I download the API for PHP? Mac Version | Windows Version

Can you help create a website for us for the iPhone?  Certainly.  We have developed over 400 FileMaker driven websites.  If you would like help with development, please call 800.353.7950 or email us for more information.